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They are very helpful and communicative with residents. I needed help with a Wi-Fi issue earlier in the year and the person I spoke to in the office was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed to resolve the issue.


Meet The Management Team

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Heidi Zeimantz


COCM Director of Operations 

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Kenny Scharnick


COCM Assistant  Director of Operations 


Shannon Salter 


Marquette University Complex Director

Aidan Blaha


Marquette University Apartment Manager

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Meet The Maintenance Staff

Our Maintenance team ensures maximum efficiency & safety for residents and employees through an improvement mindset and servant leadership.


Check out their helpful tips about taking care of your apartment home here!

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General Maintenance 





Heating and Air 

Interior Repairs

*Please note: When scheduling work order(s), please put down at least three  preferred dates and times  you would like our Maintenance staff to come in for repairs. Our Maintenance staff are available to assist during normal business hours (Mon-Fri | 8am-5pm CST and after hours EMERGENCIES ONLY). 

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